Day 3/3, Week 2: The Handstand Builder For Girls –

Day 3/3, Week 2: The Handstand Builder For Girls

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These exercises are focused at both newbie, intermediate, or superior practioners. Simply alter weights with the intention to full all actions with good kind. For the subsequent 12 weeks we’ll experiment with totally different modalities to construct higher physique energy to help within the improvement of the handstand, important for core energy, higher physique energy, and stability.


If you wish to discover Day 1 of Week 1 of this exercise go right here.


There are 3 exercises per week. The variety of units is exterior of the bracket, and the variety of reps indicated inside with an “x” previous. For instance, 5(x5) means 5 units of 5 reps. On the finish of every exercise we’ll find yourself with some yoga ability constructing or flows. These are there to offer each restoration post-workout, and so as to add flexibility and energy for continued progress.


As we go alongside, we’ll add motion movies and construct up a library for future reference. Simply go at your personal tempo. Use these exercises as a approach to enhance your personal skills to switch and adapt programming to your particular wants.

Day 3 of three: Week 2



Kettlebell Racked Strolling Lunges (alternating legs and arms) 3 x 25 on Every Leg (relaxation as wanted between units)







21-15-9 Overhead Squats Pull Ups



Handstand Pose Focus

From downward going through canine, place the fingers a couple of foot away out of your wall area. Start to stroll the ft in nearer to the fingers and convey your shoulders nearer into the wall. Subsequent observe kicking up with the dominant leg. Try and convey your ft as much as contact the wall.






As soon as you’re in a stable handstand, attempt to observe taking the ft off the wall and discovering your stability. When you’re prepared, you’ll be able to try a free standing handstand with leg variations.

Advantages of Handstand Pose:


  • Improves stability and stability
  • Strengthens the shoulders, arms, core and fingers
  • Helps in calming an overactive mind
  • Relieve stress and revives stagnant vitality

***Contraindications for the pose embody; again, shoulder, or neck harm/ache, hypertension, being pregnant and menstruation.


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